An introduction, of sorts

Hi, I’m Veasey. I’m new here. New to the Daily Globe and new to Worthington.

I’m your night editor – the one who assembles the pieces of the newspaper – photographs, articles, and everything in between. The nightly goal is to design a newspaper that conveys information, meaning, and context in the best way possible.

I started about a month ago, and I’ve already learned so much about journalism, and Worthington. These are intertwined, after all. The Globe provides a daily dose of the hot topics, whether it’s changes to the local library, the pool, or high school sports results. I cannot think of a better profession to get to know a community.

I often think of my position at the Globe as visual problem solving. Reporters submit articles to me, our photographer Brian Korthals drops off pictures, and Capitol correspondents file stories. It’s up to me to make it all fit on the page. Think Tetris – and you don’t know what size block is coming next.

My weekly column for the Globe will address this general topic from different angles. Visual media make up such a large portion of our lives and culture. We draw meaning, understanding, entertainment, and emotion from visuals. I’ll talk about photojournalism, graphic design, local photographers, or even highlight great photos of the week. And we will peel back the curtain, revealing the story behind great photographs.

My goal is to make the column informative for a local and regional perspective. How I reach that goal depends on what comes across my desk and eyes in any given week.

It’s ironic, perhaps, that this column is being written from the other side of the country. I’m at a photojournalism conference and workshop in New Jersey. Photographers, journalists, and storytellers from a variety of news outlets have descended on this airport hotel for lectures, panels, and seminars.

Lots of information, little sleep. If I’m able to retain even a fraction of the lessons and bring them back to Minnesota, I’ll be a happy camper.
When I return to Worthington next week, I look forward to picking up the several days worth of newspapers that are undoubtedly lying inside my apartment’s entryway.

And if you see me on the street, say hi. But be warned: I might take your picture.

Veasey Conway is the night editor at the Globe. If you have questions about photography or visual media, or have story ideas, contact him at or on twitter @veaseyc.