Ink by the truckload

“Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.”


Attributed to Mark Twain, that quotation dug itself up from the recesses of my brain as I exited the Daily Globe’s offices one evening.

A truck was parked nearby — its snaking hose, clear markings and destination of said hose made it obvious what this carrier dealt in.

After all, this is a newspaper, and ink is needed, to put it simply.

Back to the quote.

The legitimacy of its warning is perhaps in jeopardy in this day and age, where pixels and words can be scaled infinitely — for pennies, and by the masses — on computers and the Internet.

But one could also argue the core of this quote still rings true: just like in Twain’s age, traditional media is at the top of the communication power spectrum. (YouTube and Twitter are, however, up there, too, every now and then.)

And plus, I hope you think of the Globe as a vital community resource and not something to be feared.

The Globe may buy its ink by the truckload, but it doesn’t pick fights.

Looking at this truck made me think about something else as well: just how much goes into making the news.

Ink is needed. Paper is ordered. Presses are prepared. Carriers wake up early.

A lot of people are behind someone’s byline.

As for that ink truck? The driver told me a company in Pennsylvania goes through four truckloads of ink a week. They make phone books.

Veasey Conway is the night editor at the Daily Globe. If you have questions about photography or visual media, or have story ideas, contact him at or on Twitter @veaseyc. 

2 thoughts on “Ink by the truckload

  1. Love it!
    As someome who has a passion for the newspaper…not only because it is how I make my living…I truly believe we will be around for some time!

    • I agree. There will always be a demand for news. People will always want to know what is happening around them. Until the New York Times starts covering Trojan softball day in and day out, there will be a place for the Daily Globe.

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