“Not really a hat guy”

Miguel Rivas stands in a room devoted to hats inside Mazzinni, his business on 11th Street in Worthington. In addition to selling hats, Rivas services and sells computers.

“I’m not really a hat guy,” Miguel Rivas said, but I’m not sure I believe him.

After all, we were standing inside a room — his room — filled with hats.

They covered every wall – so much, in fact, that the hats also stretched across the surfaces of several tables.

Every color, pattern and team allegiance imaginable.

Hats are actually only part of Miguel’s business, a shop called Mazzinni on the corner of 11th Street and 4th Avenue in Worthington.

Computer sales and service is the main focus of Mazzinni, which Miguel has owned for three years.

The hat room, though, was what drew me in the door. It reminded me of a library — volumes of similar but unique items organized for easy browsing.

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