Making time


Curtis, from Louisiana, fishes along Lake Okabena Saturday afternoon. “I fish everywhere I go,” he said. (Veasey Conway/Daily Globe)

I love fishing. It’s the perfect antidote for a busy life. An excuse to slow down and simplify both surroundings and mind.

Without distractions ­— fish only bite occasionally, after all — you’re free to let your thoughts wander and pause.

Curtis and I talked fly fishing, line tests, striped bass, alligator, corn fields and cameras.
His work brought him away from home in Louisiana.

Like fishing, photography is part luck and part being in the right spot at the right time of day.
Both employ a devilish combination of skill, intuition and art.

And in the two pursuits, gadgets are pervasive. But simplicity is often better.

Veasey Conway is the night editor at the Daily Globe. If you have questions about photography or visual media, or have story ideas, contact him at or on Twitter @veaseyc.