Silver and gold

The actual picture-taking is the easy part.

Much more time and effort is spent putting yourself in a position to take the picture.

Sometimes it feels like you’re a step behind: you notice good picture opportunities, but your position, reflexes or decisiveness leave you without a photograph you’re proud to share.

On Thursday I noticed some interesting characters cruising slowly on bikes. I got out of my car and started fast-walking in pursuit.

This is ridiculous, I thought.

I ran back to my car, grabbed my bicycle stashed inside and soon caught up to my potential photo subjects.

Being on a bike allowed me to interact with my subjects at their pace.

While my photos of those first bike subjects left much to be desired, I later came across Martin Lopez and his awesome chromed-out cruiser bike with tall handlebars.

I stopped him long enough for a portrait lit by golden early-evening light.

Veasey Conway is the night editor at the Daily Globe. If you have questions about photography or visual media, or have story ideas, contact him at or on Twitter @veaseyc.