Looking around — and forward

Roger Spofford, an aerial powerline inspector with Burnett County Power Line Service in Siren, Wis., pauses with his plane after fueling last week at Worthington Municipal Airport.

Call it an early holiday present. Or, maybe more accurately, a sneak peek.

The above photograph comes from a story reporter Aaron Hagen and I are working on. Look for the full story to appear in the Daily Globe after Christmas and before New Year’s.

I won’t say much more, other than that Hagen and I are taking a look at aviation. 

Talking with Roger Spofford, I learned that, yes, you can spot loose powerline bolts while flying in an aircraft. 

This tidbit is a great example of why I find journalism fascinating. 

When journalists push out to lesser-known places in the community, you meet people. You hear about their jobs and their families.  

Roger and his small single-seat aircraft wasn’t in some exotic locale. He was right around the corner, going about his day. 

There is value in learning about far-away people and places. But so too is there value in the local. 

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